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>I have come across the following date mentioned in the colophon of a MS:
>I would have read that this as 1766 VS, but the catalogue for the MS says
>1733 VS.
>Can anyone clarify the usage of "ripu" and "vairi" as anka?
>Is there any reference book for these usages?
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There is a consecrated list of six moral enemies of man.That is probably
the source of interpreting ripu and synonyms as referring to "6". The list
is found in the following subhaa.sita
kaama.h krodha"s ca lobha"s ca maano madas tathaa /
ete hi .sa.d vijetavyaa nitya.m sva.m deham aa"sritaa.h //
For references see Sternbach, Mahaasubhaa.sitasa.mgraha.
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P.-.S. Filliozat

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