Harappan glyph: person seated on a machan on a tree; a tiger below turning its neck looking up at the person

Dr. S.Kalyanaraman MDSAAA48 at giasmd01.vsnl.net.in
Thu Mar 6 03:24:32 UTC 1997

The vivid glyphic representation relates to: 1) tiger with its neck turned back; 2)a peeping tom.
The rebus lexemes for imagery and for substantive semantics are as follows, in Indian languages:

heraka = spy (Skt.); her- to look at (Pkt.for many verbs in Indian languages); er uk- = to play
'peeping tom' (Kota); Erka spying (Kui)

eraka, eRaka = fused, molten (moulded) metal (Kannada); urku = amulet (Tulu); urukku = anything
melted, product of liquefaction (Tamil) eruvai = copper (Tamil); ere = dark red (Kannada)

keDiak = tiger (Kolami)

kaDaka, kaTaka = bangle, bracelet (Kannada)

ceTTu = tree (Tamil)

seTTha, zrEShTa = merchant (Kannada, Skt.)

The glyph seems to denote a merchant of fused, moulded copper bracelet.

Would deeply appreciate receiving critical comments. Regards,
Kalyanaraman (mdsaaa48 at giasmd01.vsnl.net.in)

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