Query on var.nabheda

aklujkar at unixg.ubc.ca aklujkar at unixg.ubc.ca
Wed Mar 5 21:26:38 UTC 1997

Although my notes on manuscript collections do not contain any entry with
the title Var.na-bheda, I have a distinct recollection that I saw
manuscripts, usually not more than 4-5 pages, in which words that were
likely to be confused were collected and their distinction in var†as was
pointed out (usually distinctions of ;s, .s, sa etc.). I would not be
surprised if these mss were thought of as containing var.na-bheda works;
that is, var.na-bheda was a genre name.

My notes do contain references to a work called ;Sabda-prabheda, ascribed
to Mahe;svara and commented upon by J;naana-vimala-ga.nin. It may even have
already been printed. The mss I noticed exist at Ahmedabad: Devasaano
Paa.do Mo.to Bha.n.daara and at London, Oriental Collections of the British
Library, Bendall 396  (this one is with comm). The  ;Sabda-prabheda too, as
I recall, separates similar sounding words on the basis of their var.nas.


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