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> The vestige of German I learnt 25 years ago tells me that this posting deals
> with the manuscripts of missionaries like Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg who were
> in South India in the first half of 18th century. Since these missionaries
> played a significant role in the Tamil area, I would really appreciate if
> somebody could translate this posting into English.
I am sorry! It was supposed to be a personal message addressed to an
Indologist here in Germany and by mistake landed on the list.

Yes, you got the message. I am looking for a couple of their works which 
were published for the 'first' time in 1984/1985. As you know the first 
Tamil and Telugu grammars in European languages (to be precise in Latin) 
were brought out by these two people (Schultze and Ziegenbalg).


P.S. Could someone help me in re. to my previous (German) message!

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