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Just on the subject of Weber's comparative project in general, the work of
Guenther Roth and Wolfgang Schluchter is, I think, unparallelled. E.g.,:

Roth, Guenther. 1971. Max Weber's comparative approach and historical
typology. In Ivan Vallier, ed. _Comparative Methods in Sociology_. Pp.
75-93. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Roth, Guenther. 1976. History and sociology in the work of Max Weber.
_British Journal of Sociology_ 27(3):306-318.

Roth, Guenther and Wolfgang Schluchter. 1979. _Max Weber's Vision of
History: Ethics and Methods_. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Schluchter, Wolfgang. 1987. Weber's sociology of rationalism and typology
of religious rejections of the world. In Scott Lash and Sam Whimster, eds.
_Max Weber, Rationality, and Modernity_. Pp. 92-115. London: Allen &
Unwin. [See also the essay by Pierre Bourdieu in the same volume].

One locus for debates on the development of "functional equivalents" of
the Protestant ethic in India is, as you probably are aware, Suzanne and
Lloyd Rudolph's (1967) _The Modernity of Tradition_.  Also, cf. the
debates between John Goheen, M. N. Srinivas, D. G. Karve, and Milton
Singer in vol. 7, no. 1 (1958) of _Economic Development and Cultural
Change_.  I'm not sure how much literature there actually has been in
recent years (say, the last decade) on these issues. Anyone else?

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On Mon, 3 Mar 1997, Jan Brzezinski wrote:

> It is the search for indigenous concepts of work as expressed in religious
> and cultural traditions, in view of the need for modification in the
> processes of modernization in the industrializing and non-industrialized
> world, which is at the basis of this project. I am looking for up-to-date,
> primarily secondary-source literature which pursues this debate, not only in
> the Indian context, but in all non-Western
> contexts. Naturally, any thoughts on the subject by scholars are most
> enthusiastically welcomed.
> Thanking you all in advance for your help,
> Jan.
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