Index of Guru Granth Saheb

Heidi Pauwels hpauwels at
Mon Mar 3 17:20:48 UTC 1997

With some delay indeed the index got published, I believe i 95 or 96. Best
to contact Winand himself to get details: at 
winand.callewaert at

Heidi Pauwels
University of Washington
On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, David Magier wrote:

> In 1994, Prof. Winand Callewaert (Leuven) sent around a flyer offering
> for sale a four-volume INDEX OF THE SHREE GURU GRANTH SAHEB (a
> "complete computer-produced index..."). Does anyone know if this was
> ever indeed published and whether it is still available for purchase? I
> do not find any record of a library having acquired or cataloged it on
> OCLC or RLIN...
> Thanks.
> David Magier
> Columbia University

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