Mechandising electronic texts and Tajmahal

Kalyanaraman mdsaaa48 at
Sun Mar 2 02:18:50 UTC 1997

I agree with the approach suggested by Dominik who should take the lead
and advise us on what we should do in due course on the CD-ROM problem.

Talking of Donald Trump and copyright etc., I heard somewhere that he
holds the copyright or Trade Mark regn. for the name TAJMAHAL. Is it true?
Regards. Kalyanaraman.

At 09:02 PM 3/1/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>I know we have all been perturbed by the Munich company selling "our"
>files on CDROM.  As you know, I have written to the company, and I shall
>let you know the upshot if the company replies.
>However, I should like to encourage you all not to feel too depressed or
>helpless about this matter.  Actually, the members of INDOLOGY form a
>fairly powerful lobby.  There are about 530 of us at the moment.  If we
>agreed each to write a letter to this company, criticising their practice
>and promising not ever to use the company's services now or in the future,
>and to discourage all our friends, universities, and libraries from ever
>using this company, I'm sure the effect would be devastating.  Even if
>only half of us did it.  An influx of letters to this effect from all over
>the world would be sure to have the effect we desire.
>There are several other things we could do too, like providing a competing
>but cheaper service, and so forth.
>However, let's not do anything hasty until we know more about what is
>going on, and the exact terms on which the disks are being offered, etc.
>It might turn out to be a genuinely helpful service by someone
>well-motivated but slightly misguided.  Actually, that is my best guess at
>what is going on.  I mean, Donald Trump would hardly start selling
>Sanskrit classics, would he?
>All the best,
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