vetalapanca... (fwd)

Burt M Thorp bthorp at
Sun Jun 29 21:27:05 UTC 1997

I recieved this message from a colleague and wonder if anyone can provide 
a quick answer.

Burt M. Thorp
University of North Dakota
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The first query comes from a Swede and I made the mistake of saying I
would try to find out the answer.  The personal name Simba - is it
related/derived from sinha 'lion'? The second one concerns the fact that I
have been driving a variety of people crazy on e-mail by sending them the
better riddles of the Vetalapanca....(can't remember the rest) as
translated by Van Buitenen and I was wondering whether there was any more
Indic literature (in translation) that offers a similar scope of really
good ethical riddles (at least 50 or more people have had to endure the
first one about the three brahmin suitors and I have seen families tear
themselves apart arguing about the answer.

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