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>WWW Asian Studies Announcements: Apr 1997
>A Web of Online Dictionaries
>Bucknell Univ., USA
>An extensive catalogue (compiled by Robert Beard,
>rbeard at bucknell.edu) of online language dictionaries and lexicons.
>to the following Asia-Pacific resources:
>Avestan-English Dictionary; Chinese-English-Chinese Character
>Dictionary; Chinese-Japanese-Korean Dictionary of Buddhist Technical
>Terms; English-Bengali Dictionary; English-Chinese Dictionaries;
>English-Chinese-English Dictionaries of Commerce,Trade, Medical
>Terms; English-Gilbertese (Kiribati)-French; English-Indonesian
>Dictionary; English-Thai Dictionary; English-Vietnamese Dictionary of
>Technical Terms; German-Thai Dictionary; Hawaiian-English-Hawaiian
>Dictionary; Hindi-English-Japanese; Hmong-English Word List;
>Indonesian-English-Indonesian; Japanese-English Romanji Dictionary;
>Japanese-English-Japanese; Japanese-Finnish-Japanese Dictionary;
>Japanese-Hungarian Word List; Korean-English-Korean Dictionaries;
>Kurdish-English Dictionary; Malay-English Specialized Dictionaries
>(Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Urban &
>Regional Planning); Maori-English Lexical Data Base;
>Nauruan-English-German Dictionary; Sanskrit-English-Sanskrit
>Dictionary; Sanskrit-French Dictionary; Swedish-Turkish Dictionary of
>Social Terminology; Tamil Lexicon; Tamil-German Dictionary; Tarawan
>Vocabulary; Thai-English-Thai Dictionary; Tibetan-English
>Tongan-English Word List; Turkish Dictionaries; Turkish-Urdu-English
>Word List; Urdu-English Word List; Vietnamese-English Wordlist of
>Educational Terms; Vietnamese-English/French Computer Glossary.
>Also several links to uther useful linguistics' resources.
>URL http://www.bucknell.edu/~rbeard/diction2.html
>Information supplied by: Israel Cohen (izzy at telaviv.ndsoft.com)
>* Contents' rating [essential - v.useful - useful - interesting -
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