Aeronautics in Ancient India?

S Krishna mahadevasiva at
Fri Jun 27 20:09:20 UTC 1997

Jai says:

>Your reply is excellent.
>The suppression of knowledge and theft of indigenous treasures the 
>colonial barbarians perpetrated in most of the world for centuries >has 
left its hangover in the minds of many.  

Yeah! Some suffer from colonial hangover, others suffer from an 
alcoholic hangover! T

 This year as Bharat celebrates the 50th anniversary of its 
disentanglement from the foreign savages,and as Hong Kong relieves

May I ask you as to what *civilized people* from Bharat are doing in
this *savageland* called America? Why can't people practise what they 
preach? You preach about "jananI janmabhUmischa svargAdapi garIyasi"
but what you practise( by coming here and trying to glue oneself
to America) is "Greencard America deshashcha svargAdapi garIyasi"

> itself of similar disease, let us work together to remove all 
>obstacles in the quest for the real truth 

Shubhasya Sheeghram! Let us not waste time in something this auspicious- 
just remove yourself and finding the truth is going to be as easy as 
munching on peanuts.

>freer world

free from pests and human leeches! Oh sure!!!!

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