Aeronautics in Ancient India?

Anand Venkt Raman A.Raman at
Thu Jun 26 23:03:25 UTC 1997

Dominic wrote:

>aeroplane.  There is an identifiable genre of science fiction within
>Sanskrit literature.  I'm not aware of much writing on it, but it

Perhaps Sanskrit literature that can be "construed loosely" as science
fiction?  (Given that "Science" per se, the "objective empirical
method of "conjectures and refutations" is itself a comparatively
modern phenomenon.)  I am told that even in ancient Greece, it was
widely held that women had fewer teeth than men.  What seems obvious
to us (to verify the claim by actual counting) never occurred to them.
This can only be attributed to a radical mind-shift that has happened
since then.

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