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N.Ganesan writes:
>I recollect C. Sivaramamurti's writings from one his large books.
>It goes something like this:
>Rajaraja Chola I marries his daughter to Vimaladitya Chalukya I
>of Vengi country in Andhra. Due to her, a big Surya 
>temple came to be erectedin Andhra. Later, a descendent of that

Are you refering to the temple in Arasavilli in the Srikakulam district?
If so, I am not sure if this temple can be classified as "big"..
there was a local governor during Aurangazebs time who systematically 
had every temple the temple was mde *low-profile* 
then....of course, all this is true if and only if we are refering to 
the same thing.

I suppose one can also add MuttusvAmi dIkshitars "navagraha krtis"
to this list of astrology- related works from Tamil NAdu. While other
forms of worship required *mantra-initation*, this form of Krti singing 
requires none and can be sung by anybody who knows the lyric.
FRom what I remember from my reading and discussion, all the nine Grahas 
are represented i.e. have temples in the Tanjavur district.
The list is as follows:
(I've left blanks for temples that I cannot remember)

sUrya-   sUryanAr koil
chandra- tiruvArUr
angAraka- vaidIswaran koil
budha- ?
sukra- ?  
rahu- tirunAgeswaram

For some reason, it is only the Sun-god who is worshipped in other parts 
of India.....there are sun temples in Andhra, Orissa, Gujarat
and KAshmir from what I remember, but no temples to any of the other
planets except for Mandapalli( Andhra Pradesh) and a Chandra temple
in Himachal Pradesh( the name of the town slips my mind now)




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