CFP: "Psychologizing Hindus"

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Thu Jun 26 17:18:42 UTC 1997

				     Announcement and Call for Papers

A special issue of _International Journal of Hindu Studies_, planned for
April 1999, entitled "Psychologizing Hindus" will review, explore, and
reinterpret the ways "Western" psychology has interpreted Hindus and
Hinduism and make new proposals.  

Possible topics might include the uses that Western psychological theory
(primarily personality and psychodynamic theory)  has been used
(unmodified or adapted) for various purposes in South Asia (psychotherapy
is one interesting issue here), and the ways that that theory has affected
self-images and the adaptions to modernization of some classes of South
Asian individuals, and how that theory relates to wider Western attitudes
and ideologies concerning South Asia.

Contributions submitted for this special issue will be evaluated through
the usual _International Journal of Hindu Studies_ peer reviews. 
Manuscripts, including notes, should not exceed 40 pages in length. Please
submit four copies. All submitted work should be double-spaced, including
extracts, notes, and references. Footnotes should be as few as possible,
and typed double-spaced at the end of the text.  Documentation should
follow the style recommended in sections 16.3 through 16.28 of the
_Chicago Manual of Style_, 14 ed. Authors are encouraged to submit tables,
figures, maps, photographs, and other illustrations along with their
manuscripts; please consult the editor for specifications.  Additional
guidelines on manuscript preparation will be sent upon request.

The deadline for submission is July 1998. Completed manuscripts,
inquiries about material for possible publication, and correspondence to
the editor should be send to the Journal's editorial offices: 

	Sushil Mittal, editor
	_International Journal of Hindu Studies_
	International Institute of India Studies  
	1270 St-Jean, St-Hyacinthe
	Quebec, Canada J2S 8M2
	Tel (514) 771 0213 FAX (514) 771 2776
	Email: <mittals at>

Full details on _International Journal of Hindu Studies_ can be found on
the Journal homepage at: <>. 

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[contributors not yet finalized...]


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