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Thu Jun 26 12:39:42 UTC 1997

Dear Indologists;

         I´m sorry if this message is repeated. I sent it yesterday 
and it was automatically  returned because of some problem with my address..

          Anyhow, I am working on the Laghu Tanka. This is a 19th century 
Sanskrit text written by a pandit from Bhopal, Central India, who Lancelot 
Wilkinson called Soobaji Bapoo. The Laghu Tanka is a response to the 
Vajrasuci, a Buddhist criticism of the brahminical caste system. My 
question comes from the end of the Laghu Tanka where the text makes the 
following reference:

itishrii hariharadvaya sushlokacaranaadi ghatitasuvarnaadinaamnaa samasta 
brahmanvidvanmandalii shisyena viracitovajrasuuciilaghutamkah 

Here seems to be the name of the author and something else which is 
coded into the text. Does anybody know what is going on? I believe it 
is a reference to verses from another text. Do you know which text? 
I´ve also thought of another possiblility. There are 
some other verses which refer to Harihara that are mentioned shortly 
before this: 

atah sarvasaukyavyaartham bhagavad aashisamaashaasmahe
subhadraashiih pradau ramyaavyaalaam shukaviraajitau
jitakaamau hariharau baanadoshchinnakadripuu
puurnaanamdaikacidruupau vashavartijagattrayau
dadyaataamsharmavonashca tirohitaprthagbhramau

Maybe the previous reference has to do with a way of reading these 
verses. Maybe you have another suggestion?

                Thank you for any help you can offer me on this. 

Patricio Nelson
El Colegio de México

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