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On peut encore citer les traductions suivantes :

Le Gita-Govinda et le Ritou Sanhara, traduits...par H. Fauche. - Paris, 1850.

Gita Govinda. Les amours de Krishna. Version francaise de Francois Di Dio,
Parvati Gosh, Nicole Menant. - Paris, 1957.

Gita-Govinda / pref. et trad. par Jean Varenne. - Monaco, 1991. - Collection
Unesco d'oeuvres representatives. Serie indienne.

L'ode au divin vacher / trad. par Dominique Wohlschlag. - Lausanne, 1991.

Bonne journee, bonne nuit


At 14:37 25.06.97 BST, you wrote:
>In the course of my own reading of Jayadeva's Gitagovinda I found it very
>interesting to follow translations (I have Keyt's, Miller's, Gurudas
>Mukhopadhyay's - which is rather indebted to the two earlier ones;
>ofcourse I know of William Jones' one) how they often depart from the
>original, leaving out unclear passages or just saying something else. I
>sort of got the wish to collect as many translations of this work as
>possible into English and would be interested to know about translations
>into other non-Indian languages as well.   Any reference much welcome.
>    Thanks
>Jakub Cejka
>jakub at     till July 10
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