Languages for studying Indology

Elisabeth Shyjka eshyjka at
Wed Jun 18 12:12:32 UTC 1997

I hope that no one will find this question too inappropriate. I have only
been a member of the list for a short time.

I am interested in studying Indology and the evolution of Christianity in
India particularly. I already speak some Tamil and plan on taking Hindi.
However, I have not yet located a program in the Washington, DC area which
offers it. Many of the MA programs I am interested in recommend or require
3 years in a South Asian language and reading knowledge of another language
for reading papers written in that language. Does anyone have a
recommendation as to what language would be most appropriate? I currently
have an extensive knowledge of Danish and a High School level knowledge of

Please direct any responses to me directly ateshyjka at

Thank you,

Elisabeth Shyjka

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