Tin (Ancient India's Contribution)

Dr. Jai Maharaj jai at mantra.com
Wed Jun 18 05:28:27 UTC 1997

Namaste! At 6:17 AM 6/18/97 BST, sudheer birodkar wrote:
>My arguement for the derivation of the Greek word Kassiteros and the 
>English Cassiterite from the Sanskrit Kasthira is based on the 
>references to the import of Tin from India by Rome as mentioned in the 
>Periplus. According to the Periplus, tin was used for hardening copper. 
>The Periplus also mentions Copper as an item of export from India. 
>Other examples of metals smelted first in India could be . . .

I do recall that National Geographic published similar information
a few years ago.  I will look it up and post an excerpt.  Along
the same train of thought, it should be noted that the "tinning"
process commonly used on the interior of kitchen utensils has 
ancient Bharatiya roots.

Jai Maharaj
Om Shanti

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