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On Sun, 15 Jun 1997, JR Gardner wrote:

> R.N.  Dandekar's Vedic Bib.  Vol.  1, page 84, lists an article by
> C.  K.  Raja at the V All-India Oriental Conf.  in Lahore, 1928:
> "The Relation of Accent and Meaning in the Rig Veda." I have those
> volumes, but the only article therein by Raja concerns the relation
> of commentaries on the RV and Niruka (e.g.  saayaNa, maadhava,
> etc.).  Important material, of course, but not absolutely germane to
> the topic on which I am focused.  If anyone knows the wherabouts of
> this study--or similar studies--I would be most appreciative.
The article you are referring to was not published in the
Proceedings, it appeared only in the "Summaries of Papers". I am
relying here on: 
	K.V. Sarma: Index of Papers submitted to the All-India
	Oriental Conference. Sessions I to XII (1919-1944). Poona
	1949, p. 127: "(summary) [Vol.] V, 23".
You will find a very sketchy bibliography of Kunhan Raja's works in the
Kunhan Raja Presentation volume of 1946. There are many contributions
to Vedic interpretation and/or commentators listed but at first sight
I couldn't find anything similar to "accent and meaning".

I am not sure if there was published a Kunhan Raja commemoration volume
(perhaps in Adyar Library Bulletin?), if it was it possibly contains a
better bibliography.

Hoping you'll find better references
Peter Wyzlic
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