Bijoy Misra bmisra at husc.harvard.edu
Mon Jun 16 16:34:13 UTC 1997

> If modern
> Indians want to rehabilitate themselves of the effects of centuries of
> foreign domination they should stop trying to out-English the English,
> whining over lost glory, and instead do away with tribalism and amassed
> social stagnation and injustices and again prove in practice the potential
> of their great land and its inhabitants!
> 'Nuf ranted. I've said what I got to say...
I wish you hadn't said what you said.  This sounds more
political than scholarly.  While there is tremendous ignorance
and lack of facts in the subcontinent, we need not advise
people what they may or may not do.  India is trying to
struggle and it needs help.  To claim that india has the
social stagnation and freedom rolls everywhere else, is
only an expression of self-righteousness.

As I have said before, my cultivation to Indology is
marginal.  And I appreciate the great work done by
the great scholars in unraveling the roots of India.
At the same time, it is necessary that we keep the
people out of Indology research, since it amounts to
reflecting on conduct, morality and sociology,
which are not necessarily the topics of interest for
this group.

thank you for listening..

- Bijoy Misra.

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