Fahrenheit 451 Clarification

Sfauthor at aol.com Sfauthor at aol.com
Sun Jun 15 19:18:46 UTC 1997

>>I checked my copy of _Fahrenheit 451_, a book of essays written by Bradbury
>>and two reference books. None of them touch on feats of memory--just the
>>book-burning theme.
>That is strange. My reaction was based on the film version, which I saw on
>television some years ago. Maybe they made som changes!
>Wasn't the "feats of memory" part in the "Twilight Zone" episode based
>upon the story?

Sorry for the confusion. Memorization was integral to the novel and the
movie. What I meant was, I was unable to find an answer the question of where
Bradbury got the idea of having characters memorize entire books.

Truffaut made his movie of F451 in 1966. Don't know anything about the
Twilight Zone episode.

Brian Dana Akers
sfauthor at aol.com

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