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>> . . . Combining hi (malaya) + (bi) ndu => hindu is a 
>> flight of fancy quite typical of similar flights of 
>> fancy that are regularly found in the Puranas. 
>> . . . they did not have inkling of an idea about historical 
>> linguistics and the relationship between languages on a 
>> larger scale. Therefore, puranic statements of this kind have no 
>> value whatsoever.
>One observes that the entertainment continues. :)
>The above may be summarized as:
>1. Something that does not agree with the Persian/Iranian/
>  European point of view is a "flight of fancy"

That is not my argument.

>2. Such fancies are regularly found in the 
>  Puraan (plural needs no "s").

Yes they are. Similar flights of fancy are found not only the Puranas
(sorry, but I insist on the plural s), but in all old works, whether Indic
or European.

>3. They had no inkling of an idea . . . (but we do!)

There is no attested knowledge of historical linguistics in India. Nor was
there any in Europe before the last century. Such things as historical and
comparative linguistics are modern phenomena, discovered in the 19th century.

>4. Therefore the knowledge contained in the Puraan has no value.

I did not claim that the knowledge contained in the Puranas has no value.
Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. It depends upon what the knowledge

>If the above were presented as an argument 
>in a court of law, one would run the risk of being charged
>with mass-murder by provoking uncontrolled laughter!

Mass-murder by laughter always depends upon the audience. An audience
without a sense of humour is not likely to die from uncontrolled laughter.
An audience with a thwarted sense of humour will laugh at the most
unexpected things. In this case, there are good historical arguments for
accepting the traditional view on "hindu". The word is attested as such in
Persian inscriptions at a time when I believe Cape Comorin was unknown to
the Aryans of the North (but here I may be wrong). Thus, death by laughter
is unlikely to happen.

Anyway, if the Puranic wisdom makes you feel better, by all means stick to
it. But you can't expect this view to be taken seriously among historical

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