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>> Two locations decribed as Bindu Sarovar:
> In Gujarat:
>> . . . 
>> Source - http://cgibin1.erols.com/invision/tcgl/siddhpur.html
>> In Karnataka:
>> Source - http://www.indiaexpress.com/bangalore/eureka/adi.html
>> . . .
> That means Bindusarovar is not the sea near Cape Camorin.

Perhaps one can take that to mean that "Bindu Sarovar" is a 
desirable name for a body of water, inspired by spiritual practice,
literal meaning and/or other reasons.  There are at least three 
cities called "Delhi" in the world -- in Bharat, and in the states 
of Colorado and New York.  Of course, this does not mean that 
Delhi is not a city in Bharat.

> Are the two Bindosarovars mentioned wellknown enough to serve
> as the southern boundary of Hindusthan ? If so which one of them
> is the southern boundary ? It will be nice if some rationale
> behind the choice is also mentioned.
> Sarma.

Considering the Bindu Sarovar as mentioned in the HT excerpt and
Cape Comorin as shown in the World Book Atlas (and others, surely),
the southern boundary lies in the waters in proximity to Shri Lanka.  
If a determnation is to be made by logical reasoning then will it 
be able to pass the without-the-shadow-of-a-doubt test? 

Jai Maharaj
Om Shanti

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