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Raffaele Torella asked > are you aware of any studies on indological
research in India during the
last fifty years ?<

One of the good sources is usually the presidential and sectional
presidential addresses delivered at the sessions of the All-India Oriental
Conference. These frequently take into account the indological research
outside India too, but generally the emphasis is on the research work done
in India.

For the Sanskrit-Prakrit side of Indology, much relevant material can be
found in the volumes "Sanskrit Studies inside India" published at the time
of the three World Sanskrit Conferences held in India (1972, New Delhi),
1982 (Varanasi), 1997 (Bangalore).  Those interested in the other side of
the coin may wish to note that these volumes were accompanied by volumes
entitled "Sanskrit Studies outside India."

Another significant source is the many articles and books of the type
"Contribution to Sanskrit/Prakrit/... of region X / religion X / sect X."
Although many of them speak of texts in the languages concerned contributed
by a particular region, religion or sect, they sometimes contain
information on indological research too.

R.N. Dandekar and V. Raghavan have published several articles and booklets
reporting, generally, on indological research outside India. However, since
these scholars were mainly writing for Indian readers, there is frequently
a comparative dimension to what they report and comment on.

See also _Sanskrit and Maharashtra: a Symposium edited by R.N. Dandekar,
Univ of Poona, Poona, 1972.

If I can think of any more focused publications, I will add to this list.

Ashok Aklujkar, Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of
British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2.

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