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Dear Indologists,

Only a few days back I downloaded my messages of Indology and 
Sasialit as I had not been using my this account for past 
sometime.  This was so because I was busy with our software for 
USMARC and my planned trip to the USA to attend to ALA-Annual 

It was a matter of great pleasure and to an extent of pride to be 
a topic of discussion on "Indology".

My personal deep bows and many thanks on behalf of D. K. Agencies 
to all those who responded to the email of Jacob Baltuch.

Such comments have always driven us to further improve upon our 
services.  The new development at DKA after launching "online 
booksearch" at our website "http://www.dkagencies.com/booksearch" 
is that now we are capable of giving bibliographic data of Indian 
publications in English language in USMARC format.

For sample data, please visit:


Option (1) on this page does not work with MS I.E., for which 
please excuse us.  But we hope the gap will be filled in by 
option (3) at least for IBM-compatible users.

Jacob, we, at DKA, would also receive with equal enthusiasm the 
criticisms, if any, received by you directly, as those are always 
something to learn from.

I request all of you to update your address books to show our 
email address as: <custserv at dkagencies.com> instead of 
<indbook.dka at axcess.net.in>.  We wish to phase-out the 
<indbook.dka at axcess.net.in> on account of slow transmission speed.

Thanks again,

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