Ancient India's Contribtuion to Modern Civilization

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I am a student of Indology and  have recently completed 
a book on the subject, "India’s Contribution to World Culture".

This book will tell you how and why words 
(and the products behind those words) like Cash, Sugar,
Camphor etc., originated from Sanskrit. It is corroborated
in the Oxford Dictionary that the English 
Word "Cash" originated from the Sanskrit  term "Karsha". 

There are 60 to 70 words in the English language that 
originate from Sanskrit. A fact mentioned in the 
Oxford Dictionary.

Other examples of elements of material culture and 
civilization that originated in ancient India and which the world
owes to the genius of ancient Indian scientists and 
inventors include:

- the technique of algorithm used in computer science today.

- the science of algebra.

- the concept of zero - on which ultimately rests the binary code 
which has given us all software including the WWW through which 
you are reading this mail!

- the technique of manufacturing crystal (sugar)cane sugar 
(the word sugar is derived from the Sanskrit term "Shakara").

- the making of camphor (this word is derived from 
the Sanskrit root word "Karpuram" according to the 
Oxford Dictionary.

- the making of tin (the technical English word for tin 
is Cassiterite which is derived from the Sanskrit term 
"Kasthira" according to the Oxford Dictionary).

- The making of dyes like Anline and Indigo 
(the word Indigo comes from the term India and 
the word Anline is derived from the Arabic term 
An Nil which is derived from the Sanskrit term Neelam, 
according to the Oxford dictionary).

- the Gumbaz that we see on mosques all over the world 
originated as the interlocking dome  in the "Stupa" of 
the Buddhist architectural tradition of India.

There are many such instances in the virtually all fields.
Be it civil engineering, architecture, mechanical
engineering, production technology, chemical engineering,
physics, medical science, mathematics, logic, astronomy,
or be it shipbuilding, navigation, the fine arts, etc.
There are evidences that many elements in all these
varied aspects of today's global civilization owe 
their origin to ancient India!!

The arguments marshalled in this book draw from irrefutable
 sources like current western dictionaries, Encyclopedia 
Britannica, observations of ancient Greek, Roman, Persian, 
Arab and Chinese travellers. The advances made by Indians 
in ancient times have been noted and praised by these 
foreign travellers.

This book gives enough convincing material for a 
student of Indian culture to believe that India has 
not always been a nation dependent on other nations,
has not always been ruled by aliens, and has not always
borrowed everything from foreign sources.

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- Sudheer Birodkar

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