Arithmetic in Urdu or Hindi?

Tue Jun 10 17:34:21 UTC 1997

Ruth Laila Schmid asked:
> Dear colleagues,
> Has anyone seen children's arithmetic textbooks which have the numerals in
> Urdu characters or Devanagari characters? The ones I have seen all use
> western numerals even if the text is in Urdu or Hindi.
> Also, has anyone seen any arithmetical signs (plus, minus etc.) used in
> textbooks which are not the western variety?

My own textbooks thru high school used Devanagari characters (the
language was Marathi). I imagine, Hindi texts used to be similar!
Some time in the 70's the textbooks seem to have adopted the roman
numerals as the norm for all books regardless of the language.

As far as the signs are concerned, I have not seen any other kind
besides the "western" type. In "classical" books, either there are no
symbols used, or the symbols used in modern commentaries are the
usual "western" kind.

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