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Peter J. Claus pclaus at
Mon Jun 2 16:12:22 UTC 1997


Please find below requests for address information from a colleague who is
having trouble posting the requests to the List herself. Please reply to
her email address: 75301.3722 at Compuserve.COM

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Date: 01 Jun 97 17:33:42 EDT
From: "Robert P. Sikora" <75301.3722 at CompuServe.COM>
To: Peter Claus <pclaus at>
Subject: re indology

Peter, I had hoped to be able to send out some requests for information over
indology but I can't get any help from them regarding how to do it and the info
I have must be out of date.  

So, could you send a few messages for me and just
ask them to reply to my compuserve address.  I wanted to inquire if there are
e-mail addresses for 
1)  Sangeet Natak Akademi in Delhi
2)  Sangeet Natak Akademi in Hyderbad
3)  Dr. Kapila Vatsyanan, Indira Gandi National Center for the Arts.

Also, I wanted to inquire if anyone on indology was knowledgeable about the
Yaksha and Nagavasi communities of Andhra.

I had a few other questions, too about some words but those can wait?  Can you
send these requests for me or tell me how to send them?  I am a subscriber and
get the daily dose of messages.  I just don't seem to know the right commands to
send to get any answers.      

Martha Ashton

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