Science and beliefs (was: the gods)

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at
Sun Jun 1 21:06:04 UTC 1997

Op 30-mei-97 schreef Dominique.Thillaud:

>or perhaps have you just the intention to insult me.

certainly not, what gave you the idea? what reason would i have? i respect you
as one of the many 7-bit intelligent voices that lighten up my screen!

>>do you have to be a dog in order to know what it's like to
>>be a dog? do you need to be a god in order to know what it is to be a god?
>>you the hero of your own biography?

>Sure I do! Don't try to ridicule a mirror.

it could be that the mirror ridicules us!
maybe you would like to reconsider you're point of view if i inform you
that those very words are a quote of M.M. Bakhtim. you'll find the quote in
'art and answereability' pp 112 (M.Holquist ed. - Texas U.P. Austin 1990), but
also Sartre in his 'Transcendence de l'ego' gave some reasons to take the
unity of the subject not longer for granted, not to mention the

erik hoogcarspel

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