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Sun Jun 1 15:24:15 UTC 1997

Jacob Baltuch wrote:

>Does anyone know what a yojana is worth about
>and what the etymology of the word is?

>It is a measure of distance used in Ashoka's 13th
>rock edict.

See A.L. Basham, _The Wonder That Was India_ (London: Sidgewick & Jackson,
1967), pp. 503-504 and D.D. Kosambi, _The Culture and Civilization of
Ancient India in Historical Outline_ (Delhi: Vikas Publications, 1970), p.

Basham suggests the yojana used in the A'sokan period was equivalent to 4.5
miles and that in later epochs it was equivalent to 9 miles. From my own
reading this latter figure at least is confirmed by the Dhammapada
Commentary and the Divyaavadaana.

Sorry not to have more up-to-date references.

Hope this helps.


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