SOS: Help Acta Orientalia

Asko.Parpola at Helsinki.FI Asko.Parpola at Helsinki.FI
Thu Jul 31 14:13:26 UTC 1997

ACTA ORIENTALIA, a journal founded in 1922 and published annually under the
auspices of the Oriental Societies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden,
is devoted to the study of the languages, history, archaeology and
religions of the Orient from the earliest times to our days. It is issued
once a year, and each issue normally contains at least 300 pages. This
well-known journal is now on the verge of ceasing publication. The Nordic
Publications Board for Humanistic Periodicals funding the journal has
stipulated that a conditio sine qua non is that the journal has a minimum
of 200 subscribers. Due to tightening budgets the world over, the number of
subscriptions has been steadily dropping and is now very close to that
limit. If your library is not already subscribing to Acta Orientalia,
please make a suggestion to that effect. The annual subscription rate is
420 Danish crowns (DKK) (around 70 USD), and the subscription order can be
placed at MUNKSGAARD International Publishers Ltd, POB 2148, DK-1016
Copenhagen K, Denmark (tel. +45 33 12 70 30, fax +45 33 12 93 87) or at
their regional office in the US: MUNKSGAARD, 238 Main Street, Cambridge, MA
02142-9740 (tel +1-617-547-7665, fax +1-617-547-7489).  Every subscription
counts!!! Thanks in advance for your efforts to help AO survive. Yours,
Asko Parpola

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