inquiry about Qvarnstrom article

silk at silk at
Wed Jul 30 19:17:34 UTC 1997

This is an inquiry for a friend of mine (who perhaps I should not name;
anyway, it's not me!).  He tells me he has notes from an article by someone
named "Qvarnstrom" on Bhartrhari and his connection with Buddhism.
Unfortunately my friend has lost the reference. I suggested that it might
have been in the Etudes Asiatiques volume dedicated to Bhartrhari, but
neither he nor I have access to that at present.

I suppose that it has happened to most of us at one time or another than we
take notes thinking we will never forget the reference, only to lay the
project aside for a time, and come back to it drawing a blank on certain
vital matters.

Does anyone know what this article might be?  (My friend mentioned on the
phone that he had page references, but he did not tell them to me; sorry).

Jonathan Silk

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