Roman fonts for Indian languages

John Smith jds10 at
Tue Jul 29 09:29:09 UTC 1997

Many weeks ago I promised to make a set of high-quality freeware fonts
available for Indian language text in Roman transliteration. I must
apologise for the long delay in fulfilling this promise: the software I
had to use to convert from Type 1 PostScript to the various font formats
people actually need on modern machines turned out to be very flaky, and
it has taken this long to get acceptable results. (This is very
disappointing, as I can easily produce attractive accented Type 1 fonts
that can be freely distributed; it is purely conversion of these to
TrueType, Mac format, etc. etc. that causes the problems.)

Anyway, the fonts now exist, and can be downloaded via ftp from, directory /pub/john/software/fonts; or you can
reach them on the web (; follow
the "fonts" link). There are two families of fonts: one implements the CSX
character set, the other the set designed by Professor Norman. Mac and PC
versions are available for both, including both Type 1 and TrueType

I shall probably repeat this announcement later in the year, when fewer
Indology subscribers are away.

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