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Fri Jul 25 17:45:14 UTC 1997

At 16:14 +0200 25/07/97, Georg von Simson wrote:
>>> The name of the eldest pAndava seems to be 'steady in the fight'
>>>but he's not a great warrior as bhIma or arjuna ...

>I think the answer to the question might be found in YudhiSThira's role as
>a king. As such his position would be in the centre of the battle, and that
>is the reason why he was called 'He who is steadfast/immovable in the
>battle'. Compare the (relative) immobility of the king in the game of
>chess, who in the same way would deserve the name YudhiSThira though he is
>not a great fighter.

	A very simple and interresting idea: I suppose I must agree!
	I thank S. Krishna and R. Steiner for their answers but I believe
there is no more problems with this name.

PS (out of line): can I refer to you and your answer in an article (footnote) ?

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