on leave

falk at ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE falk at ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE
Fri Jul 25 12:53:55 UTC 1997

Hi Dom,
Johanna urges me to write to you, so I take this opportunity to
Johanna is now 15 and thinks intensively about spending some months
or even a year abroad. There are some professional "student-shifters",
but they are expensive and usually not reliable.
Therefore I forward her question: do you know some reliable,
interesting, kid-loving family which would take Johanna for some
time - while she goes to school at that place?
Don't feel obliged. If you say no I tell her you said no and then
that was it. At least I can tell her I asked you.
She remembers you as a most enterprising and competent father, that is
why you were chosen. Dont blame me.
All the best, enjoy Malta!

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