Dainika jagarana (New Delhi) offered

Elisabeth Shyjka eshyjka at dc.isx.com
Thu Jul 24 15:02:48 UTC 1997

Mr. Thrasher,
I live in the DC area and was hoping you be willing to meet me or converse
with me over email.  I am currently applying separately to graduate programs
in South Asian studies and Information Retrieval/Computer Science for the
Fall of 1998.  I have a B.S. in Computer Science and have been a practicing
engineer since graduating.  My interest in India stems from my semester stay
in Tamil Nadu as an exchange student during college.  I have been having
trouble reconciling my interests in computers and India.  I have found only
a few ways in which to make them co-exist.  Usually, it means sacrificing a
great deal of one or the other field.  Seeing your signature made me think
of something that might just pull the two together, Library Sciences.  Many
of the programs I am looking at for Computer Science are actually joint
programs with the departments of Library Sciences.  I do not know very much
about the field of Library Science outside of the computer aspects.  Do you
think it would be possible to specialize in South Asian material and
computers?  Thank you for your time.

Elisabeth Shyjka

Intelligent Systems Engineer
ISX Corportation
Internet: eshyjka at dc.isx.com
Phone: 703.247.7818
 Fax: 703.247.7895

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