INDIA - A Search for its Present in History

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I have put up some of the notes of my sociological study
‘INDIA - A Search for the Present in History’ at the site: 

I invite you to visit this site.


P.S.The intriguing title of this book represents a novel approach to                                                                    
the study of present society looked upon as a result of history.
This approach 'stands on its head' the conventional approach to
study of history which begins with the dim past and comes to
present as a conclusion. Our approach starts with social
institut ions and practices of the contemporary age and traces
their origin and development to the historic past. 

With this approach the reader does not feel lost on 'She opening
page of a history bock. He is not confronted with a society in
which lived his ancestors two or three thousand years ago. He
begins with the society surrounding him, which is of his immediate
concern. This method of interpreting the present and past should
establish an intimate rapport between a citizen of today and the
heritage bequeated to him by earlier generations. In our lifestyle,
customs, traditions, beliefs; our history is reflected but it is
normally beyond our perception. It would be a fascinating and
enlightening experience to trace the origins of things we see and
today in the bygone ages. For more on this visit the site: 

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