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Subject: Info regarding South-Asian Archaelogy

Dear Britarch Members,

I have received the following query from Mr Nair, and unfortunately do
not have any information for him.  Could any of you help?  Please
address your responses to him directly at director at


Alicia Wise
Archaeology Data Service

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Subject: Info regarding South-Asian Archaelogy

Dear Sir,
I am interested in knowing whether any article has been published on the
Internet concerning the mythical Saraswati river which flowed once, as
legends say, through the  N-W Indian states of Rajasthan and Punjab ,
through to Sind (Pakistan) and emptied itself in the present day Rann of

Also, my other interest lies in the understanding more about the
Archeology of Ancient South Asian cities such as Sopara ( near Bombay)
which has been identified (according to some) to be the mythical city of
Ophir, and other cities like Muziris and other settlements related to
the ancient Roman Trade routes in Southern India.

I would indeed be very fortunate if you could give me any information
regarding these topics.

I remain,
Yours Faithfully,

Jayakrishnan Nair


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