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<< The root meaning of "pA" and "tantu" is 'to extend'.
 Then, it is used by S. Palaniappan in derivation of
 words like "paavai" (figurine, goddess, pupil).
 This reminds me of "eye-opening" ceremonies in Hindu temples.
 There is a major ritual done by Sthapatis during Kumbhabhishekam
 events. When the Sthapathi/Shilpi/image-maker makes a black spot
 with anjanam on eyes of bronze or stone image, it is supposed to
 be imparted with life and the paricular Devata starts to reside
 in the idol. 
It appears a similar practice existed in Sumeria too.
Many years ago. Dr. Irene Winter, Harvard university once went to Madras
to study this ritual and talked to Dr. R. Nagaswamy.
I saw the title of a lecture by her in Univ. of Penn home page
last year.>>

This is very interesting. In this ritual, we seem to have the pAvai-pupil,
pAvai-figurine, and the concept of divinity's presence being
extended/localized all occurring together. I would like to know the mantras
(and their meanings) they chant, if any,  while they do this.  Are there any
 Tantrists who can shed more light on this? Does anybody have Dr. Irene
Winter's e-mail address?


S. Palaniappan

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