Patanjali Carita of Ramabhadra Diksita

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Sat Jul 12 20:01:18 UTC 1997

Vidyasankar wrote:

>Prof. Deshpande once mentioned this 17th century work in relation to a
>query on Patanjali. I have two questions about this work.
>1. Has it been published?
>2. Does the poem refer to the advaitins, Gaudapada, Govinda, and Sankara?

Pata;njali-carita has been published in the Kaavya-maalaa Series of the
Nirnaya-sagara Press at least twice. Recently, there has been a reprint of
the whole series (from Munshiram Manoharlal, Delhi?),I understand. I have
not seen all the vols.

I have a photocopy of the second  Nirnaya-sagara edn, Kaavya-maalaa no. 51,
printed in 1934.

The text does talk about Gaudapada, Govinda, and Sankara toward its conclusion.

I have discussed the main narrative of the text   in the unpublished fourth
installment of my series of articles titled "Interpreting Vaakyapadiiya
2.486 historically."

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