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Thu Jul 10 09:40:03 UTC 1997

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann wrote:
>Some Puraa.nas describe the Buddha as wearing red clothes (kaa.saayavastra),
>having the head shaven (mu.n.dita) and white teeth ('sukladanta).  Does
>anyone know the significance of the white teeth?
You may find some references (on the symbolic meaning of whiteness and on
the whiteness of teeth) in Minoru Hara's article "A Note on the Whiteness
of Laughter", in Mirja Juntunen a.o. (ed.), Sauh.rdyamangalam. Studies in
Honour of Siegfried Lienhard on his 70th Birthday. The Association of
Oriental Studies, Stockholm, 1995, pp. 141-159.

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