AIOC V, 1928

JR Gardner jgardner at
Mon Jul 7 15:24:27 UTC 1997

Some while back I'd posted in hopes of getting C.K. Raja's "The Relation
of Accent and Meaning in the Rig Veda."  It is not in the Proceedings
volumes of AIOC V (but another article by CKR is-- re. the nirukta). 
Ashok Aklujkar kindly noted that the article appears only as a summary in
the summary papers of AIOC V, 1928, and that I should write CKR's nephew
in Chennai.  Having done so, I recieved a fax from Kunjunni Raja which
notes that the paper exists only as a short abstract blurb in the Summary
Papers.  If someone has access to this collect of Summaries, could they
please be so kind as to fax it to me? I doubt it could be more than a page
or two from the reports I've received. 

I thank the list for their continued support and indulgence of my quest on
this issue.

Attention J.R. Gardner

As usual, return reimbursement or favor guaranteed.


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