Q: Sontheimer (ed.): The Concept of the Hero(-ine)

pwyzlic pwyzlic at pwyz.rhein.de
Sun Jul 6 20:27:23 UTC 1997


	I have here a courtesy copy of W.B. Bollee which has the
following bibliographic notice above the title:

	"pre-print from: G.-D. Sontheimer (ed.), The Concept of
	"the Hero(-ine) in  Indian Culture, Delhi 1991"

But I have not been able to trace this collective volume in any of the
catalogues available to me. Is it known otherwise? or was this work really

(The only reference I know of can be found in
Dandekar: Vedic Bibliography. Vol. 5. Poona 1993, p. 541, No.
53.15: Dandekar lists Bollee's article with the information
"pre-print from..." as above, so he got evidently only this
article and not the whole volume.)

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