BR^ihaspati and the Caarvaakas.

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>Anshuman Pandey:
>Also, could anyone tell me when and why BR^ihaspati became linked with 
>the Caarvaakas and how strong the connection between these two was? And 
>lastly, what is the reasoning behind crediting BR^ihaspati as the 
>founder of politics?

	In this regard, could someone comment on any possible relationship between
the Brhaspati linked to Carvaka, politics, hedonism etc., and the Brhaspati
of the Mahabharata, Bhagavat-purana, etc., i.e. the father of Kaca, the guru
of Indra, etc? This Brhaspati, in order to advise the gods, was presumably
learned in political science, but is not linked to hedonism. Is this supposed
to be the same person?
Thank you.
Howard J. Resnick 

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