BR^ihaspati and the Caarvaakas.

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Tue Jul 1 19:29:53 UTC 1997

As far as works on the Caarvaaakas and Baarhaspatyas are concerned, it
may be useful to consult the works of Chisho Mamoru NAMAI, such as: 

Kooki-bukkyoo to ni yoru Baarhaspatya-hihan. {The criticism of
Baarhaspatya philosophy in late Buddhist texts} 
Indo Gakuhoo {Indological Review} 2 (1976), pp. 29-74; 3 (1981), pp.

Though the detailed arguments put forward in these articles, written in
Japanese, may not be accessible to everyone, they nevertheless contain a
large number of useful references and should be of great use at least in
that respect. 

There are also some remarks on different stages of development within
Lokaayata philosophy in Ernst Steinkellner, "Dharmottaras
Paralokasiddhi. Nachweis der Wiedergeburt, zugleich eine Widerlegung
materialistischer Thesen zur Natur der Geistigkeit. Der tibetische Text
kritisch herausgegeben und uebersetzt" Vienna 1986 (with references to
NAMAI's studies). 

Stating the obvious, there is also Eli Franco's edition and translation
of Jayaraa'si's Tattvopaplavasim.ha: "Perception, Knowledge and
Disbelief" (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 1987, a reprint by  Motilal
Banarsidass is available, as far as I know)

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