BR^ihaspati and the Caarvaakas.

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Tue Jul 1 00:15:42 UTC 1997


Brockington in "The Sacred Thread" on page 87 writes that "BR^ihaspati is
regarded as the founder of politics and the author of a Suutra which
reputedly was the original text of the Caarvaakas." He goes on to note
that BR^ihaspati is credited with the maxim `better a pigeon today than a
peacock tomorrow' which Brockington notes as fitting well with the
"generally hedonistic approach of the school."

I would like to know what the name of this text is. I've scanned the
holding of our libraries here and could not come up with anything written
by a BR^ihaspati excepting a dharmashaastra or two. Secondly, is the
source of this maxim to be found in the above text? Also, could anyone 
tell me when and why BR^ihaspati became linked with the Caarvaakas and how
strong the connection between these two was? And lastly, what is the
reasoning behind crediting BR^ihaspati as the founder of politics?

This ought to fill my question quota for the week.

Thank you!

Anshuman Pandey

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