David Magier magier at
Wed Jan 29 18:59:11 UTC 1997

> I am looking for addresses of the following scholars who presented papers 
> at the recent conference in Bangalore:
> Chandicharan Goswami (Dergaon)
> Parameswara Aithal (Heidelberg)
> Adrian Burton (Canberra)
> Boris Oguibenine (Strasbourg)

Prof. Oguibenine (but not the others, as yet) is listed in the online
International Directory of South Asia Scholars (accessible by web
through SARAI - South Asia Resource Access on the Internet). His
entry, dated Sept. 1996, contains the following contact information
(aside from the description of his work).

Professor Boris Oguibenine
University of Strasbourg

Mailing Address:
14 rue Descartes
Le Portique 67000 Strasbourg

Phone: 03-88-41-7832
FAX:   03-88-37-1593
email: oguibeni at

I hope this is helpful.

David Magier

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