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I hope that the message below, which I apparently sent to myself on 4
January rather than to the Indology list, is still of some interest to
some members of the list, even though discussion of this thread
otherwise closed in December 1996.
In a contribution of 5 December 1996 John Dunne wrote:
"For the purposes of this discussion, what is interesting about the
above quoted statement is simply that Vaacaspati appears to presume the
same type of gloss given by Kar.nakagomin, Raamaanuja, and so forth."
Vyoma'siva works with a similar gloss in the kaalavaidharmyam section
of Vyomavatii (ed. Gaurinath Sastri, 1.126.16-17): "atha
vibhinnavi' v.rtte.h
saamaanaadhikara.nyam, da.n.diiti pratyeye vi' iti".

In the original saamaanaadhikara.nyam query, dated 3 December 1996,
Halina Marlewicz sought a source in the Mahaabhaa.syam for the
quotation "bhinnaprav.rttinimittaanaa.m  'sabdaanaa.m ekasminnarthe
saamaanaadhikara.nyam". While it does not appear anywhere in that
text, Kaiyya.ta reads a variant of the Kaa'sikaa definition in his
comment on Mahaabhaa.syam on A.s.taadhyaayii 1.2.42 (Rohtak ed., "bhinnaprav.rttinimittaprayuktasyaanekasya
'sabdasyaikasminnarthe v.rtti.h saamaanaadhikara.nyamucyate".
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