Indic baby names with a link to SURYA

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Tue Jan 28 13:59:58 UTC 1997

Hi folks

>Yes, this mail comes from the same person who is being
>considered as the one who is trying to convert INDOLOGY
>into a commercial place. I will respond to this topic on
>a later date.

Your response stole my fire, but I still want to support it.  I am grateful
for the bibliographies you post; they demonstrate dedication to sharing
information in a major way.I have a bias here, actually.  I work at a
science fiction bookstore, which is where I have computer access too (hence
my e-mail address), and I see no harm when I'm on rec.arts.sf.written in
using, besides my own files and the references the store owns, our shelves
as bibliographic resources!  So far, none of your bibliographies since I
joined INDOLOGY has been of direct use to me (neither on a topic of central
interest to me, nor with many books in English when on topics of peripheral
interest - I don't know any South Asian languages, I confess).  But the day
will come when I'm full of questions to this list, and I can only hope
you'll be as generous then as you are now.

Even though you've got a new baby!  Congratulations!  I won't comment on
possible names, because I once had a friend named Savitri and am strongly
biased.  :-)

Joe Bernstein

who, while posting at all to this list, really ought also to mention that I
will *someday* put together the time to review Prof. Kalyanaraman's paper,
etc., about the Sarasvati; but I know little geology and not that much more
about pre-Iron Age archaeology, so don't know what I can usefully say.

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