Indic baby names with a link to SURYA

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Mon Jan 27 22:54:16 UTC 1997

"sAyan" is a synonym for "sUrya". So, how about "sAyanI"or, even, "sAyanA"?

Since we are talking about Indic names...I thought I'd ask you folks if
anyone knows the meaning of the GArgi. I know who she is in the upanishhads,
but what does the name mean?


:Sudipto Chatterjee


                          In the flood of your tears, where Rain
                          Tells stories of someone else's pain--
                          That's where on my own
                          I'll meet with you alone.
                                                      :Suman Chatterjee

                 I taught a peasant how to write the word 'plough', 
                             and he taught me how to drive it.
                      :Augusto Boal (Theatre of the Oppressed)

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