Indic baby names with a link to SURYA

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Mon Jan 27 11:32:19 UTC 1997

Surya P. Mittal wrote:

>Right now I want a suggestion from all my friends on Indology
>on a topic which is more of a personal nature:
>Most of you are already aware that my name is Surya Prakash
>(Sun Light). And my wife's name is Monika (very European name
>indeed). We were blessed with a lovely daughter on 25th Dec.
>(Santa's gift on X-Mas 1996).  We are finding it a little
>difficult to finalise her name as we are looking for an
>Indic baby name with some link to "Surya".  An option that
>I have is "ARUNIMA" (pronounced arunimA). Can INDOLOGISTS
>suggest a few options ?

Why not Usha (ushA, f., since Vedic times beside ushas, 'dawn')?

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